How to travel with a 9 to 5

When I was a child I didn’t use to travel a lot with my parents, that made me think that travels were expensive, a luxury that just some people had access to (It is also true that it was nearly 30 years ago and transport was not as economic as it is now).But in 2012 I was proven wrong!

After moving to Sardinia for a year abroad I started investigating online and discovered that I could do a trip to another country for under 100€. I found a super cheap flight to Frankfurt, 30€ both ways and together with two more friends we booked a hotel for around 50€ (in total). This was not an single case, the story kept on repeating. In 2019 my wife and I travel to Bali and Australia, for two weeks for 1.000€ per person.

How is it possible to manage that?

Traveling around the world is easier than you might think. There are just 3 keys to it, and I am going to share them with you. Warning: the tips you are about to read are just valid for adventurers.

1.You don’t decide where to go.

The usual way of working is first you decide where to go, then you safe money and finally you choose the holidays, right? Well, here is the secret, you don’t decide anything, a part from your budget. There are several websites where you can find last minute trips, or cheap flights. In order to use your budget in the most effective way, let the website decide where is the cheapest destination, and start planning from there.

2.You don’t decide when to go.

If for the contrary you have already visited a big part of the globe, or you have a destination in mind, once again there are several websites that will tell you when is the cheapest moment to travel to that places. Yes, all of your colleagues will be in Mallorca between July and August, and you will be in the office working. But then, in October everyone will be back in the office and you will be sipping coconuts in Bali. That sounds like a plan to me!

3. You don’t decide who you sleep with.

Personally, I travel to other countries to discover and explore and rarely to stay in the hotel. Of course I love to stay in 5 star hotels but the king of this trips is the budget. So once again, you will not decide where or with whom you sleep. With my travels I have slept in many different places: in a private villa, airbnb, hostels or in the car. The options for this are endless, and your decision will be made based on your budget. I have met some of the most interesting people thanks to the random places I have slept, so don’t worry if you are in a room with other 9 adventurers. You share an interest with all of them, and it is TRAVELING.

” Travels are like wands. You don’t choose them, they choose you”

I hope you find this post interesting, that it helped you to have a different vision on how to travel the world with a limited amount of time and economic resources.

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