Where to find cheap travel deals

There is this missconception that you need a ton of money for travelling. While it might be true in some cases (I am not going to lie to you and tell you that you can go to Bora Bora without having to save money), it is totally possible to explore many places without breaking the bank.

In the post “Travel with a 9 to 5” I shortly talk about this, being flexible on where and when to go is the key for seeing the world in a budget. Everyone has this friend that found a great deal and flew to Amsterdam for 30€ both ways (if you don’t have it I am providing you with one – Hi, I am Alba and went to Amsterdam for 30€). Then you start trying to find a similar deal, but for some reason it seems to be hiding from you. Here you have a short guide on where to find those bastards:

  • Everyone knows this one, but not everyone knows how to use it. Skyscanner is my best friend for planning holidays. The right way to use is as follows: when to go “cheapest month” where to go “anywhere”. That is the start of your holidays. I am going to tell you a 100% true story. A friend of mine and me were planning to go somewhere around Europe, we didn’t see each other in a while and wanted to make a trip together. In October we went on Skyscanner and we found the best deal. A trip to Los Angeles from Spain, in January for 234€ round trip. Looking in different periods will always allow you to discover different places without breaking the bank. In my case, I just plan flights with this website, as I don’t care that much about where to stay and usually hostels are very affordable.
  • I am not sure how many of you know or have used this, but Holiday Pirates is another great source. In this place you can find everything you need for your trips. From all inclusive holidays, to stay packages. The time frames here are either last minute trip, or plan in advance holidays, usually seasonal. That said, I discovered them many years ago thanks to Facebook, and I love that the updates pop up in my feed and I don’t even need to constantly check which kind of offers they have at the moment.
  • To be honest, I discovered this one not that long ago. But srprs.me happens to be an amazing places, specially for surprising you and maybe also someone else. How it works, you basically choose the dates and they choose the place, of course you can exclude the countries where you have already been to. The prices are around 300-400€ for a 3-5 days stay for two people, including flights. Isn’t it an amazing way of being surprised?
  • One of the next holidays I am planning to do is a cruise. I personally like to plan my travels from scratch, but I also LOVE trying new things. I have never in my life done a cruise, but as with the rest of my travels, I will not choose the cruise, it will chose me. While cruises are actually super expensive, in the website cruise.com you will be able to find some steals.

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