LGBTQ+ Stockholm, the definitive Christmas travel guide

It has been more than a month since I came back from Stockholm, a time of compiling all the information and pictures, so I can bring you all the details in this LGBTQ+ Stockholm (Christmas) travel guide.

Stockholm is known as the queer capital of Scandinavia, for sure the most open minded city I have visited. There is no “gay quarter/ street” as everything is LGBT friendly, you can find non gendered bathrooms everywhere (including museums, shops, clubs…) and of course, same sex marriage is legal since a law of gender-neutral marriage was approved in 2009, even thou they like to say that Stockholm is gay since 1944, when gay sexual activities where legalized.

A part from the queer capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm is also the capital of Sweden, and this, rather small urbe is composed by 14 islands, and how do you connect 14 islands? Well, with 50 bridges. So be ready for lots of walks on top of the Söderström waters.

You might be asking yourself, is a long weekend enough for getting a good taste of Stockholm? The answer is YES! Here you have a 3 days itinerary.


As mentioned before, Stockholm is a heap of islands, for which water is going to be involved. First stop will be the Vasa Museum. I must admit that when I first saw this stop in my itinerary I was like – “oh cute, a ship museum”. Let me tell you boat is IMPRESSIVE. I was not expecting it to be so big, so decorated… and then I learned that it had been 300 years underwater.

The Vasa Museum is located in an island where many other museum are located, for which I would recommend spending a cultural morning and lunch time in the area, until sunset. At that time, take a boat and explore the city from the water. It is for sure a super romantic scenario that you can enjoy even traveling alone. After that, you can check in one of the “places to eat” and get ready for the avicii experience. For sure an emotional way to finish the day.


Put your comfy shoes on, and if you visit in winter make sure to dress warmly. Today is a day worth of using your smartwatch to count steps 😉 we are gonna discover Stockholm Old Town or Gamla Stan.

First stop will be the Royal Opera House (Sweden is a kingdom, so get ready for lots of “Royal”), open in 1746 by King Gustav III. The opera was know for housing theaters, operas and masquerade balls. Verdi himself wrote an opera called Un ballo in Machera in which King Gustav was killed for having an affair. “Funnily” enough, Kin Gustav III was actually assassinated in the Royal Opera (no for having an affair).

Second stop, and a good one for filling your stomach, or at least your sweet tooth is Polkagris Kokeri, THE Candy Cane store. Did you know that candy cane is actually half Swedish? Apparently a German – Swedish immigrant was the one that exported candy canes to america, making it the most known Christmas guilty pleasure. So, of course a stop in this famous candy cane shop in Stockholm is MANDATORY.

Told you lots of “royal” coming your way, right? Well, I introduce you to… The Royal Palace. I mean, not visiting it would be like going to London and not visiting Buckingham. Just that this is much cooler because you can actually see the inside, the throne room and real gowns! Find your most royal outfit to feel like a in a fairy tale during the visit – I didn’t do it and 1000% regret it!

The morning has been long, and full of to do’s, so the afternoon can be more chill. I would recommend to you to go to the Södermalm and have lunch there, or maybe fika. If you don’t know what fika is, you are missing out. Fika is a “coffee and cake break”, put most importantly, fika is a time to be with your friends and/ or family to socialize. It is a way of life, and independently of being in Sweden, we should all fika every day ;).

After you have had your fika maybe it is time to explore the city, go shopping perhaps? Take the T-bana (tube), and maybe on your way to the shopping center stop in Stadion station. Nothing else to say.
Enjoy the rest of the day, and rest, tomorrow is going to be a moved one!


I hope your comfy shoes are still in wearable conditions. First stop is an open air museum. Millesgården, original from 1906 was the house of the artist couple Olga and Karl Milles. Today the property is composed by the open air sculpture park and the house and studio museum. If you like art, you will for sure enjoy this visit.

If on the other hand you enjoy a more interactive museum, don’t worry, I also have an option for you ABBA the museum. This is one of the museums I have enjoyed the most in my life. I have never considered myself an ABBA fan, until… I discovered I know 80% of their songs and couldn’t stop singing and dancing in the museum. Thank you Mamma Mia!

And just in front of the Abba museum you can find the Royal Djurgården (told ya), perfect place for chilling and grabbing some food. In the meanwhile, you can read about the history of this place, you might be positively surprised about its queerness.

Now that your tummy is filled, let’s fill your spirit. Stockholm is full of Christmas markets, don’t forget to visit some while you are there ;).

I hope you enjoyed this Stockholm Christmas guide, but just FYI – I bet it is beautiful in Spring too!

All of the places mentioned are LGBTQ+ friendly or owned.

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