48h in Paris: quick and easy.

Is that even possible? If you are just able to spend two or less days in Paris this is for you.

My wife and I departed for Paris Friday evening and took our train back home on Sunday at 18:00. In total we spent in Paris less that 48h and we had time to see the main attractions. How is that even possible? Planning and most importantly public transport.

When we arrived to Paris on Friday night (at around 23:00) we were already tired and the only thing we wanted to do was going to our hotel. For this occasion we chose The reMix Hotel, the highlights of this hotel are many, newly remodeled, a “serve all” policy (yes, talking to you my LGBTQ fam) and… of course very close access to public transport. As I mentioned we arrived very late, so it was very nice to be able to eat in one of the MANY restaurants of the area and just explore the rooms around the hotel (seriously, one of the nicest looking ones I have ever been).

On Saturday we woke up, and after enjoying a nice portion of freshly made pancakes and some delicious french pastry we headed to Place de la Concorde with the line 7 from our hotel. Place de la Concorde is famous for the Obelisk of Luxor. From there you can walk easily thru the Jardin des Tuileries. I am pretty sure you have heard of them for at least one of these three reasons:

  • The fountain in the middle with chairs surrounding it, the oasis in the middle of the city.
  • They are next to the Louvre.
  • Being a great photo spot for having the Eiffel Tower in the background without having to deal with the crowd.

So, if you read why you heard of it, you might have figured that our next stop was…. the Louvre. As we were in the middle of a photoshoot we did not enter (this time). But if it is your first time and you want to meet the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo, don’t forget to book your tickets in advance in order to skip the line. HOT TIP: the Louvre is free for everyone under 18 years old and for EEUU members until 26 years old, as well as for students!

After stopping for a quick snack (I wouldn’t recommend anything near the Louvre if you don’t want to break the bank) you can enjoy a nice walk (or take line 7) and head to Notre Dame. Yes you can still see it at least from outside, it is worth the visit as it is as gorgeous as always.

And from one highlight to another, the Eiffel Tower. Seeing the Eiffel tower from close is impressive, but from a bit more far away is magical. From Notre Dame you can take like 10 to Pont de Granelle. There you will meet the original Statue of Liberty. And will be able to enjoy a walk by the river (go downstairs where the boats are) at sunset until the Eiffel Tower. Following this itinerary you can see it from far and close, with daylight and also enjoy the light show.

Day 1 was full of highlights but day 2 is also full of magical moments. Today I recommend (if you can) to take a day ticket for public transport. There is still lots to see, and it is going to be your best friend.

After another great breakfast in the Hotel head again, with line 7, to Lafayette. You can enjoy some little shopping if you have some money to splurge, otherwise you can just do a bit of window shopping. But the least “known” part of Lafayette is the rooftop coffee/ bar. Don’t miss it. Drink a coffee up there, and let me know if it was worth it ;). Nothing else to add.

From Galeries Lafayette you can take line 12 to Mouline Rouge. It is going to be a quick stop, but it is the perfect stop in the middle before you short walk to Montmartre. Get lost, discover cute shops, talk with the street artists and sit in a cafe for a lunch in the area. You know what else around there and reachable by feet? You got it, Sacré-Cœur. Grab an ice-cream and slowly walk to enjoy the second panoramic view of the day.

If you still have time, before heading back to the hotel for grabbing your things and departing, you can take line 2 and make a final stop in Arc de Triumph. It is a beautiful place BUT, if you have to miss something in Paris, this is what I would miss. It is in the middle of a round about and a part from the tourist there are a million cars. But just if you have to miss something, if not… make the most out of your last minutes.

Under here you can find a short summary of this 48h Paris itinerary. Screenshot it, and move around. I hope you enjoy the visit to the city of lights and love as much as we did!

Place de la ConcordeGaleries Lafayette (rooftop bar)
(walking) Jardin des Tuileries(Line 12) Moulin Rouge
(walking) Louvre(walking) Montmartre
(walking or Line 7) Notre Dame(walking) Sacré-Cœur
(line 10) Pont de Granelle – Statue of Liberty(Line 2) Arc de Triumph
(walking) Eiffel TowerAu Revoire!

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