Oh, hey there…!

I guess that, if you landed here is because you want to know more about your hostess in this new adventure. My name is Alba Balbastre (you can also just call me Alba) and I am not a writer, I communicate with photos. But for the sake of this experience I will complement images with text.

” I am not a writer, I communicate with photos”

While I started traveling late in life, I have managed to already travel all 5 continents in the world – let’s not start an argument here okay? I am trusting the olympians in this one – and lived in 4 different countries.

I am a 90’s kid born in Spain, and I didn’t take a plane until I was 11 years old, that trip to Disney was epic, but I didn’t taka another one until I was 21. This was the start of my journey. In 2012 I packed my bags and moved to Sardinia for a year abroad (best decision ever) and started traveling around Europe. Since then, I have kept on doing various travels per year and been in 5 different continents.

I have a normal 9 to 5 job and I earn a normal amount of money. I am a normal person with fix priorities. This is as solid proof that you don’t need to be a travel blogger, or have complete freedom or a huge amount of money to travel the world, and here you can find out how!

As mentioned I have a normal life but still I make the most out if it, that is why in this blog you will also find other lifestyle related topics, because life doesn’t stop between travels and we still have to thrive.

Ah, before I forget! I am married and my partner happens to also be a woman. Caro (yap, that is the woman) is part of my life, so of course we travel together. I will share my experiences traveling around the world also from a queer perspective.

Alba Balbastre

Spanish living in Germany. Photographing the world and sharing it on Instagram. I love food, all of it.

Caro K.

German with a Spanish heart. Discovering the world with my wife and collecting tattoos.